Personal project
- Vehicle design, Environment design, Visualisation 

Time line: 2 weeks


Underground was inspired by train stations in Berlin. I tried to recreate the specific station, modifying a few things to enhance my scene such as: custom tile textures, grime texture, custom grafiti, and flooring which all needed to be created in modo/photoshop. Here my focus was to create a realistic environment for shooting the vehicle. As opposed to a studio shot I wanted to create a scene that might accomodate multiple camera shots without needing additional lighting for single shots.

Project process: Hand sketching > Wireframe > Sculpt > Environment creation > Texture Painting > Material Blueprinting > Rigging > Animation > Rendering > Video Editing


Based on a lightweight sports car, I wanted to push myself to use more complex surface transitions and detailing. Full project process coming soon. 


Automotive design/Industrial design - Strategy - 3D Visualisation

Los Angeles, CA